Herb of the Month – Parsley

Parsley is a wonderful little plant. It is one of the most adaptable of the culinary herbs. Used with fish, meats, pasta, veggies, eggs or to garnish a plate, this little herb brightens up any dish. Parsley was held in high esteem by the Greeks, who crowned their top athletes and tombs of the dead with wreaths of the herb.

It is easy to grow from seed or starts. Parsley likes loamy soil, with medium moisture in a partly sunny location. I usually get a few volunteers every spring if I let it flower in the fall. There are over 30 varieties of parsley. As a cook, I prefer the flat-leaved, Italian parsley, though I grow the curly parsley for garnish and its bright color.

Like many of the culinary herbs, it has medicinal qualities. It is high in chlorophyll and contains vitamins A, B’s, C, calcium, and iron. It is a mild diuretic and the root has been used as a laxative. Poultices of parsley were used for the sore breasts of nursing mothers. Parsley is often used to garnish plates because it is a natural breath freshener. Take a couple of chews and voila! you’re ready for that close-up conversation.

Here are is one of my favorite ways to use parsley.

Parsley- Garlic Chimichurri


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