Retreats offer a more in-depth immersion in the healing arts with a balance of health and wellness topics, nature walks, crafts, cooking, and fun. They feature delicious and nourishing home-cooked meals, comfortable accommodations and mystical walks through fields of wildflowers in beautiful locations such as Colorados Estes Park and New Mexico's Ghost Ranch. Past retreats have focused on women's spirituality, herbal medicine making, and spa weekends.

Private retreats for groups from 5-10 are surprisingly affordable. Let Susan guide your group or organization for a fun-filled weekend. If you are interested in hosting a private retreat please contact Chrysalis Herbs for more details.

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Herb Walks - Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Without our help, Nature fills her garden with an abundance of wild herbs. Susan offers guided walks that reveal the many useful, edible and medicinal plants that grow wild in your area. Students will learn to identify several local varieties and discover the history, folklore, and practical uses in food, as medicine and for body and home care.

Susan is available for group and private herb walks. Explore the plant kingdom in local parks and mountain trails or see what is growing on your own property.

Contact Susan today to schedule an herb walk or visit the Upcoming Classes page for upcoming treks.

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Garden Consultations

Garden consultations specialize in helping do-it-yourself gardeners in the Denver and Rocky Mountain region to plan and grow successful herb, vegetable and flower gardens. Susan Evans, the founder of Chrysalis Herbs, has been cultivating and working with herbs for more than 30 years. A master gardener, Susan works throughout the year teaching classes and workshops on gardening and herbs, as well as assisting local gardeners to create beautiful and functional gardens.

Garden design is important for several reasons; to maximize space, utilize the available light to best advantage, encourage a plentiful harvest of herbs, vegetables, cutting flowers, and to create a beautiful outdoor space.

Working with new and existing gardens, Susan can help you create a garden to soothe the soul and delight the senses. Consultations include growing and planting advice, calendar planning specific to your garden space and tips on maintenance. This expert guidance encourages do-it-yourself gardening for beautiful results.

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