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Chrysalis Herbs specializes in empowering people to improve their health and lifestyle through herbal and wellness education. Let Chrysalis Herbs introduce you to herbs for healing, cooking, gardening, and crafting.

Susan Evans, the founder of Chrysalis Herbs, has been cultivating and working with herbs for more than 30 years. She managed garden centers and greenhouses in Denver before starting her own organic landscaping business, Flowerscapes, which she owned and operated for twelve years. She has worked as a master gardener and volunteer naturalist for Jefferson County, Colorado.

She has a certificate in Advanced Clinical Herbalism from the Rocky Mountain Center for Botanical Studies in Boulder with over 1,500 hours of clinical study and experience in the uses of medicinal plants. After attaining her certification in Clinical Herbalism in 1997, she founded Chrysalis Herbs. Since that time she has devoted herself to sharing her love and knowledge of herbs and gardening, helping people to reconnect with the beauty and healing aspects of the natural world.

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