Herb of the Month – Sage Sage is a savory seasoning for poultry, pork, winter squash, pear and apple dishes, cheeses, stews, and chowders. Antiviral and astringent, sage has long been used as a healing herb. Sage leaf rubbed on unhealthy gums will help tighten and disinfect. Sage tea is a delicious remedy for sore […]

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Nasturtium Nasturtiums are one of my favorite edible flowers. This easy to grow, fragrant and tasty little plant is a must for every sunny garden. The flowers come in hot colors from red to orange to pinks and yellows. It likes a sunny, well-drained spot and moderate water. Nasturtiums are easy to start from seed […]

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Herb of the Month – Basil – Ocimum sp.

Basil – Ocimum sp.

Basil, Ocimum basilicum, is an annual herb originally from India. Delicious with any cuisine it is usually affiliated with Italian cooking. There are dozens of different basil varieties, from citrus scented varieties to exotic flavors. They all grow easily in full sun with adequate water and do not tolerate cold temperatures.  The leaves are used […]

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chickweed salad

Chickweed Salad

Chickweed Salad Chickweed leaves and flowers are a tasty edible plant, full of B complex vitamins, iron, calcium, and vitamins A and C. It is a cooling herb, great for soothing both internal and external inflammation. Read More about in our March Herb Blurb. 1 cup mixed baby greens 1 cup washed Chickweed, loosely chopped […]

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