Nasturtiums are one of my favorite edible flowers. This easy to grow, fragrant and tasty little plant is a must for every sunny garden.
The flowers come in hot colors from red to orange to pinks and yellows. It likes a sunny, well-drained spot and moderate water. Nasturtiums are easy to start from seed and have a lovely, light peppery taste. The leaves and flowers are edible. They can be stuffed or sliced with a sharp knife into slivers and used to garnish salads, cold soups and pasta dishes.

Stuffed Nasturtium Blooms

  • cream cheese or goat cheese
  • fresh herbs of choice, basil, dill, marjoram, thyme, and savory all work well.
  • fresh nasturtium blooms

Mix the herbs and cheese together well. Gently insert a scoop of the mixture into each blossom. Serve alone or on top of dressed salad greens or your favorite pasta dish.

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