Juniper, Ginger, and Orange Peel Simple Syrup

Herb of the Month – Juniper

Juniper has been used since ancient times for its cleansing properties. Used to purify temples and protect from evil spirits, today the smoke from juniper branches is used in sweat lodges. It is said to cleanse the air of bad energy and make it easier to commune with our higher powers.

The berries are also highly aromatic and used in the production of gin. They have been used medicinally for indigestion and urinary problems.

Juniper berries are sold in high-end kitchen shops for seasoning hearty stews and game. I like to pick mine outside in the garden. Wait until the berries are dark blue and use with constraint, they can easily overpower a dish.


Juniper, Ginger, and Orange Peel Simple Syrup

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