fall path in colorado

The Herb Blurb – September/October 2021

Yes, it still feels like summer but fall is fast approaching. Enjoy harvest festivals, turning leaves in the mountains, farmer’s markets overflowing with garden produce, and cooler temps. It’s time to start stocking up for winter. Collect the garden harvest, dry herbs for teas, seasoning blends, and kitchen remedies, and prepare the garden for its […]

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last true month of summer

The Herb Blurb – August 2021

Here we are at the last true month of summer. What summer adventures have you had so far? What new things have you experienced? Learned? Blow off that to-do list full of trivial chores, those can wait. August of 2021, as stressful as it might sometimes feel, will never be back. Fill it with more […]

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may flowers in colorado

The Herb Blurb – May 2021

Here comes the gorgeous month of May when it seems the whole world begins anew. I love the longer days, the spring flowers, sudden rainstorms, the first hummingbirds, and baby deer. What will you begin now that we are emerging from the pandemic and new opportunities and adventures beckon? What can you release from this […]

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april tulips

The Herb Blurb – April 2021

We’re not out of the drifts yet but signs of spring are everywhere as are hopeful indicators for an end to the pandemic. It’s been a long, hard slog but April arrives with an intoxicating sense of anticipation and possibility. Get your hands in the soil, and dig that warm-weather wardrobe out of the closet. […]

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The Herb Blurb – March 2021

The first bulbs are blooming, the days are getting longer and even though winter surely has a few more tricks up its sleeve, the glorious season of growth is on the way. March is Colorado’s snowiest month. I always stock up a few extra provisions for the inevitable power outages and road adventures. Upcoming Classes!

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– Dr Seuss

The Herb Blurb – February 2021

We made it through another historically crazy month and things are looking up with the pandemic and the new administration in Washington. It has been a long, tough slog but the days are lengthening and spring is on the way. February will bring the very first flowers of spring with crocus and snowdrops peeking out […]

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The Herb Blurb – January 2021

I’m guessing very few of us will be sad to kiss 2020 goodbye. It was, by all measurements, a pretty awful year. It was also very revealing. We learned about the great divide in our country, the extent of our personal coping skills, and our ability to sacrifice. The importance of connection and our excess […]

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