February is the last true month of winter.

Herb Blurb February 2018

February is the last true month of winter. Spring is starting to appear with tulips, hyacinths and primrose featured in garden centers and grocers and soon those snowdrops and hyacainths will begin to emerge . Enjoy skiing, sledding, skating and all that frosty beauty before it melts away. Upcoming Classes Pressed Flower Arts Denver Botanic […]

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January Herb Blurb – A Clean Slate

There is something so promising about a clean slate. You can put all the disappointments of the last year behind you and start anew. The media loves to focus on all that is awry in the world, meanwhile all kinds of small miracles and dreams are being realized. Every New Year’s day, I sit down […]

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Happy New Year – January 2015

Happy New Year to you and yours! What will you create and experience this year? Though I always make New Year’s resolutions, over the last two years I have toned it down to what I really think I want to accomplish, as opposed to what I should. It seems to work out better. So for […]

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