The Herb Blurb – August 2020

Here we are at the last true month of summer. Feel it slipping away? Skip the drudgery of the to-do list and make some time now for celebrating this fleeting season. Yes, the pandemic is wearing on us all but there are options available. Go for a hike, take a nap in the hammock, swim […]

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Terrific Tomatoes

How to Slow Roast Tomatoes

Slow Roasted Tomatoes Preheat oven to 275. Cut fresh tomatoes into wedges and place in a bowl. Season with a pinch of sugar, olive oil, salt, pepper, herbs of choice and minced garlic. Toss gently. Place tomatoes on a rimmed cookie sheet in a single layer and drizzle with any leftover oil. Roast 2 ½ […]

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Gazpacho Soup

Terrific Tomatoes Tomatoes were not widely eaten in the US until the late 1800’s. Belonging to the nightshade family they were considered poisonous. Today we know that tomatoes contain Vitamin C, A, iron and potassium along with lycopene. Lycopene is an antioxidant which helps in preventing cancer. You will absorb more lycopene from cooked tomatoes […]

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August Herb Blurb – The Last True Month of Summer

It’s here, the last true month of summer. Savor these last weeks by putting some fun things to do on the calendar. Go for a swim, have a picnic, attend an outdoor concert, check out the mountain views and wildflowers and take a nap in the hammock. School days and cool days are fast approaching. […]

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Last True Month of Colorado Summer

It’s here, the last true month of summer. How is your summer going so far? Have you gone to a festival? Swimming in a lake? Traveled somewhere new? If you have been too busy to plunder the fruits of summer, your time is running out. So get out there and have some fun! Lots going […]

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Slow Roasted Tomatoes

Slow Roasted Tomatoes Slow roasting brings out the sweetness of tomatoes. Use these as a side dish, puree for an incredible tomato sauce or soup, use in salsas or in place of tomatoes in any of your favorite recipes. 2-3 lbs of tomatoes cut into medium wedges 2 red or yellow onions cut into thick […]

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