Herb of the Month – Mushrooms

Herb of the Month – Mushrooms

Ok, a fungi, not really an herb but getting a lot of attention these days for their many healing qualities. Not only a delicious addition to your meals but great for boosting your health. From decreasing your risk of cancer, lowering cholesterol, giving your brain a boost, and improving your resilience and immunity, this mycelium provides major benefits. I would recommend cooking all your edible mushrooms to avoid stomach upset.

My favorite edible mushroom is shitake, which is great for your immune and cardiovascular system and quite tasty sauteed with butter and garlic.

Check out this article from UCLA for a brief overview. https://connect.uclahealth.org/2022/01/24/7-health-benefits-of-mushrooms/

Consider getting Master Herbalist Christopher Hobb’s book, Medicinal Mushrooms, The Essential Guide, for an in-depth view.

Check out a fascinating Ted talk, discussing how mushrooms can save the world, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XI5frPV58tY.

There is also a beautiful film, Fantastic Fungi, available on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Apple TV.

You can get edible mushrooms at grocers and farmer’s markets and get the medicinal ones in powders and drink formulations on the web. Consider taking mushroom foraging walks with an expert in the warmer months for wild collecting.

Here are a few of my favorite recipes for our herb (fungi) of the month.

Sauteed Mushrooms and Garlic

Chicken with Wine and Mushrooms



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